March 22, 2020

About Scott Rifkin

Scott Rifkin is a prominent entrepreneur and healthcare innovator who graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine, with a specialization in internal medicine, from the University of George Washington School of Medicine in 1985 and additionally received a Biology Bachelor’s Degree from the Maryland Baltimore County University (UMBC) as an outstanding alumnus in 1995. Scott Rifkin has additionally worked as the emergency director of medicine for many SNFs seeking help on various issues of quality care.

Scott Rifkin has over 25 years of experience as a doctor and a healthcare manager. He established, an online health information provider in 1998, and he currently chairs its board of directors. With is internal medicine certification, he practices private internal medicine in Owings Mills, Maryland. He was named 'top doc' by Baltimore magazine in addition to being a frequent speaker on national and regional occasions. has filed for an initial public offering(IPO) and aims to raise $60 million.

He founded and leads Mid-Atlantic Health Care (MAHC), which provides nursing and rehabilitation in Maryland and Pennsylvania. In his leading position, Scott oversees the functioning of the 21 facilities of MAHC. Under his guidance, MAHC has created relationships with healthcare institutions and providers of skilled care to enhance the outcomes of the sick and the general public health through creative approaches to minimize needless re-admissions and keeping the ailing in a home environment at convenience.

Dr. Scott Rifkin has been named a publisher by JMore, a Jewish community magazine for the residents of Howard and Baltimore regions. The Maryland Jewish media, a new multimedia firm that Rifkin established, produces the monthly magazine, the website, and social media platforms for the Jewish communities in the region. Expectations are that JMore will have nine permanent employees and 20 temporary writers and reporters.

He also founded and chairs the board of Provider Partners Health Plan, Inc. (PPHP). The company develops and manages Advantage plans called Institutional Special Needs Plans (ISNPs) in Maryland and PA in addition to Five Star Physician Services, LLC, which supplies post-acute and extended period facilities with medical providers of high quality. PPHP provides medical insurance to patients of skilled nursing. The company rewards diligent operators who achieve better revenue. Good care results in a reduction of hospital use and reduced charges and participating operators significantly boost their skills.

Scott Rifkin founded Real Time Medical Systems (RTMS), which provides an intuitive and simple use software for hospitals, insurers, and organizations of skilled nursing making them minimize hospital admissions significantly. RTMS provides a predictive determination and support tools for makers of clinical decisions and caregivers- enabling enhancements in care and financial profits for skilled nursing organizations. Through the utilization of daily EMR data, our associates have witnessed 25-50 % admission reductions. We currently serve more than 500 SNFs and U.S. health systems.

Since establishing Mid-Atlantic Health Care, Scott he has started three new companies affiliated to MAHC. National Post-Acute Healthcare oversees the programs of bundled payment. It is a legit convener of the Medicare Center and Medicaid Innovation Center (“CMMI”)’s Model 3 Bundled Payments for Improving Care Program (‘BPCI). Besides, the it makes and controls hospital network systems for post-acute SNF.

Scott serves in different Boards in various capacities such as the University of Maryland Medical System and the Baltimore Zoo. BETA